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Welcome to Geek Life Crisis. Who are Steve and Chuck? We have time-traveled to present-day fro the 20th Century (via aging) and now do a comedy podcast. We reminisce about college days while commenting on current geek culture. You'll visit for the geek info, and then we'll yell at you to get off our VR lawns. We are Gen X... in a Millennial World. (Sung to the tune of Madonna's "Material World".)
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Dec 30, 2016

My apologies, this episode had been delayed.   Holidays and other life crap.  But finally it's the episode you've all been waiting for!  The next one!

Here are some of the topics:

Hooters and Jiggers, Alien Pyramids, Lunar Gas Stations, Darth Maul Clones, Marvel Comics, Sarah Silverman, Joe Franklin, Lucy Liu, Mrs. Brady, Florence Henderson, Wesonality, Fidel Castro, Ron Glass, Barney Miller, Firefly, Serenity, our infamous quizzes, and Abe Vigoda gets a quick mention.  #abevigodalives 

Okay, also, the sci-fi world was recently rocked by the death of Carrie Fisher, and what kind of episode do we put out?  RIP Mrs. Brady!  D'oh.  Sorry about that.  Chuck and I will do a Carrie Fisher episode soon.  She and her mother Debbie Reynolds were both forces to be reckoned with.  We hope they are both together on their journey to the next step.

Hope the song at the end of this episode will cheer you up. 

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Nov 22, 2016

Episode 13 - We give our potato ratings to "Doctor Strange"  Is Benedict Cumberbatch dreamy?  Learn how to say Chiwetel Ejiofor! 

A clip I couldn't find that would have made this episode funnier (to me): The whole Spaceballs scene that ends with, "Funny she doesn't look Druish."  Let me know if you can figure out where I wanted to put that clip.  Win a prize!

This is another episode where we put in our potatoes!  

We come up with a new phrase that is sure to sweep the nation:  "You're a star jewel in our bag of crap."

I had extra space at the end of the episode, so I just stuck stuff at the end.  Plus when I finished editing I was pretty fried.  But, that's normal. 

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Chuck is your Spock.  #heymrbrooklyn

Nov 19, 2016

Episode 12 - "Mr. Brooklyn"  Subtitled: "The One Where We Don't Review Doctor Strange"

This episode was supposed to showcase our Doctor Strange review, but we have a 30 minute curfew.  Chuck and I had too much fun with other topics, I just couldn't edit them out.  It's a pretty silly episode, that had me in tears.  Often I say "I just want to do a show that makes ME laugh."  Well, this is it.  

Please enjoy the original song at the end of the episode.





Nov 7, 2016

Episode 11 is here!  Without someone to interview, Chuck and I revert to straight up geeks.  We talk about animated movie "Batman: Return of The Caped Crusaders" -  Is it too dark?  Or is Chuck just a good dad?  We also discussed Netflix' Luke Cage.  Is Luke Cage too dark?  Well, I don't see color.

Also, I had a head cold, so I sound a bit subdued.  Promise to bounce back BIGLY for the next episode.

Topics discussed:  Bobby Flay, Biff Yeager, The Greatest Generation Podcast, OMNI Magazine, Netflix Luke Cage, Planet 9, The Moon, Nemesis, European Space Agency Mars lander, Head Colds, Batman and Robin, Batgirl good, Batgirl bad, Doctor Strange, Harry Mudd, shing!, ummm... other stuff!  Enjoy!







Oct 17, 2016

Biff Yeager, an experienced Hollywood character actor who has been in many popular movies and TV shows such as: Edward Scissorhands, Batman Returns, Repo Man, Sid and Nancy, Seinfeld, Golden Girls, Gilmore Girls, Preacher, and our favorite: Star Trek: The Next Generation.  On TNG he played Chief Engineer Lt. Commander Argyle in season one.  Biff shined in his role, but only did 2 episodes.  This is known as "The Legend of Argyle"* and we get to the bottom of it.  We also find out Argyle's first name, and how his character dies (not canon - but close enough).

* Argyle (and Biff) had a recent ST:TNG renaissance due to the popular podcast "The Greatest Generation". Hosts (Ben Harrison and Adam Pranica) spotlighted Lt. Commander Argyle one day, and their fans on social media took it from there.  Biff's now a GreatestGen listener that responds to his fans and friends on twitter.  Also, we find out if Biff would appear at "Gen Con 2017"!

Did you know Biff was a big deal on Gilmore Girls too?  He talks about the upcoming Gilmore Girls Fan Fest in Connecticut.  Will "Tom, the Contractor" appear at the CT. Fan Fest?  With or without a beard??

Most recently Biff played a minor yet critical character on AMC's "Preacher".  His character changes the entire landscape of the show!  We talk about his work on Preacher, so... SPOILER ALERT if you did not see the finale!

Biff's a great guy, and truly an artist first and foremost.  Chuck and I got to see some of his fractal artwork and it's amazing.  He's putting together a book of his art pieces, and hopes it will be available to purchase by Christmas.  While you're waiting for that, go to Amazon right now and get the children's book he and his daughter collaborated on: Smokey The Cat.  It's based on Biff's actual cat finding his purr.  Aww!

One thing we forgot to mention on our show, Biff's twitter handle is @Biff_Yeager.  Go follow him and tell him you heard him on our show!  (Or at least follow him.)

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(Oh, if seems like we said our goodbyes and dumped out quickly at the end of the episode... SKYPE is a fickle mistress.  The connection crapped out, so I edited around that stuff.   Maybe I pulled it off, let me know.)

Oct 1, 2016

"The Black Suit of Death" - is an indie comic that deserves your attention. 

This episode Chuck and Steve have a great time laughing and interviewing with Warrior Innkeeper Creative's: Benjamin Kreger, co-creator and writer of a very cool new indie comic book called "The Black Suit of Death", BSD for short.  The BSD was envisioned 20 years ago (by Ben and his friend Ed Ellsworth), and it's finally ready for it's (color) close-up.  Recently Ben and Ed completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund finalizing BSD#1.  They jam packed their book with fun background "easter eggs" and cool extras (including Fred Hembeck's "Li'l BSD" comic strip page!). Ben Kreger and Ed Ellsworth write this title together; it has humor, depth, and relatable characters.  Did I mention the art?  Amazing pencils and color work by Dexter Wee.  The guy's a pro.

About Ben: He's a happily married guy, a dad (teaching the lessons of Star Wars and Star Trek to his kids), a proud veteran, and... he's a geek (or is it nerd?).  He followed his dream to succeed in the comic industry, and BSD is an achievement long in the making.   

About the actual Black Suit: It's an extraterrestrial biomechanical killing machine (that you wear), and it is probably the very article which originated our myth of The Grim Reaper.  It reveals itself to a distraught college student named Edd Grimes. Oh, and it comes with a requisite kick-ass scythe.  Will Edd use the BSD for good or something darker?  Can Edd rely on his friends to temper darker inclinations?  Will Mr. Lutz meet an untimely end?  And how does Jar-Jar Binks tie into all this?  Get behind this indie comic to find out.  Go find his page on Kickstarter, go visit his webpage (below), or at least "like" Black Suit of Death on Facebook until you're hooked.  Then tell your local comic shop owner. 

To converse with Ben and Ed On Twitter:

@BlkSuitofDeath (Ed tweets in character)

@WarriorInnkeepr (Ben tweets as Ben)

On Facebook:  Black Suit Of Death and Warrior Innkeeper Creative


(Go to the shop listed above to buy "Ides of March", the prequel comic to BSD#1)

Find Dexter Wee on Instagram.  I did.

Did you read what I wrote?  These guys got Fred Hembeck to do original artwork for their book!  Visit because Fred Hembeck is awesome.  Always has been.

Believe it or not, I think you will enjoy this interview.  Thank you for supporting Geek Life Crisis. 




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This is a long description, just go listen.

Sep 21, 2016

Hello everyone!

We were very lucky to interview Laura Gilbert of Sydney, Australia. (We kept her up late to do this interview. Friggin time zones!)  Laura is new to cosplaying, but has become an overnight success.  She's 21 years old, and recently decided to attend Oz Comic Con dressed as her favorite DC character, Harley Quinn.  Even in that sea of cosplay she stood out.  Big time.  She has gained international notoriety due to the fact that her Harley looks identical to Margot Robbie's portrayal in "The Suicide Squad".  I dare you to tell them apart.

She adores her new fans and is loving the "bandwagon" ride, as she calls it.  While speaking with her, it's obvious she has her priorities in place.  She's attending university, wants to become a full time teacher, and is right now tutoring music students as a part-time job.  Laura, sorry I tried to talk you into quitting that job, before I knew what it was!)

She also did very well at our Harley Quinn Quiz!  A very high pressure quiz it is indeed.

Please follow her on Instagram: Infamous_Harley_Quinn

On twitter she is @lauragbert.

And her email:

Also, she is making great stuff on YouTube: just search "Laura Gilbert". The "blooper reel" she includes at the end of her videos are really fun.

THANK YOU LAURA FOR THE GREAT INTERVIEW!   To her fans: push her to get a account, and/or sell prints, whatever generates income.  Before long Warner Brothers will knock her door to be in a Harley movie.  Keep her enthusiastic!  Haha!

Episode disclaimer -- I need to say, I'm sorry... I made an error while recording that created an echo effect throughout the interview.  Completely my fault.  Chuck and I agreed that it was best to release it because Laura was such a great guest.  My apologies to listeners and to Laura!  Ugh, still kicking myself over that. 

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Sep 9, 2016

Geek news:  Netflix She-Hulk, The Female Iron Man, Live action Tick is back on TV!  Geek Birthdays included: Sean Connery and Pee-Wee Herman (sorry, Melissa McCarthy got cut for time, come back next week Melissa).  Mixed in with the birthdays are celebrity geek quizzes! 

We honor and roast Kenny Baker and R2D2 in our increasingly strange "Geek Memoriam" bit.  Please remember James Doohan (original Scotty) only had 9 fingers.

Suicide Squad Review. SPOILER ALERT!

Chuck and I create an original movie rating system.

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Aug 21, 2016

Welcome to episode 6! It's a quickie. Due to problematic timing issues (I blame myself - so do I) this short episode was originally part of the previous one where we reviewed Star Trek: Beyond.  Feel free to download it again right now.  Anyway, the original idea was to put both movie reviews in the same episode, but it was not to be.  So this episode does not have geek birthdays, in memoriam, or even pleasant chatter.  It's just Chuck and Steve verbally sparring over the pros and cons of bustin'.  Does bustin really make you feel good?  Please let us know. (Not you, Ray Parker Jr., we know how you feel.)  Use this link to follow us on facebook:


On Twitter:  @GeekLifeChuck and @GeekLifeSteve



Chuck is full of tinier men.

The "I blame myself" "so do I" quote awkwardly used above is actually a line from the original Ghostbusters.  I refrained from editing a bunch of original Ghostbuster jokes into this episode because I thought the classic stuff would eclipse the new movie a bit.  But, stick around to the end for one great Bill Murray zinger. 

Aug 18, 2016



Thanks for downloading our 5th episode... or at least reading about it.  In this episode there are SPOILERS for: "Batman: The Killing Joke", "Star Trek: Beyond" and "The Fall Guy".

We review movies and talk geek birthdays: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Redford, Eric Bana, and Chuck's mom.  Happy birthday Chuck's mom!

Stay tuned at the very end for a special version of a catchy tune.

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Chuck is full of tinier men. 

Aug 1, 2016

Geek Life Crisis, episode 4.  We're talking Bruce Banner today.  Why?  Because we're geeks that watched too much TV growing up.  That, and, Marvel killed off the one and only Bruce Banner in their top-selling comic series Civil War II.  So we talk about the Bruce Banners we've known over the years from TV and movies.

Chuck has fashion surprise for the show.

Birthdays!  Here's who had them:  Vin Diesel, Daniel Radcliffe, Benedict Cumberbatch, and "friend of the show" Donnie Yen.

We read a couple of our iTunes reviews!  Go review us on iTunes and we'll read yours!

Oh, and, the late great Garry Marshall gets the Spock Torpedo treatment.  RIP Garry.


They said it couldn't be done.  What exactly?  Well, we have our first true commercial.  Thank you Play4Autism for partnering with our show.  Enjoy the promo as it is awkwardly shoe-horned into the podcast, because Chuck and I are still newbies at all this.


The Urban Dictionary defines "milksop" as an unmanly man.  Here's their example:  "Mr. Engasser is a milksop."  That sucks for Mr. Engasser.

Mr Magee, don't make me angry.  You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

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Jul 14, 2016

Episode 3 -  "IOU Rope and Gany Mead, Callisto" - I'm going for the weirdest podcast title ever.  We have a lot of geek talk today, celebrity birthdays.  SUCK IT SHELLY DUVAL!  Marvel character diversity, Juno goes to Jupiter, Chuck wisely likes Ip Man III, but can he spell Ip?  Can Steve divide 124 by 2?  Sulu has a husband! 


Okay, quick lesson: the cartoon faces drawn on our iTunes artwork, that's HeroMan and Punkman.  While bored college students living in the same dorm, Chuck and I created these "Spy vs. Spy" competitive super-beings.  Why do you need to know this?  Well, this episode begins our listener-interactive story: "The Return of HeroMan and Punkman!" (stay until after the credits).  www.geeklifecrisis".com On Twitter: @geeklifecrisis @geeklifechuck @geeklifesteve  Also, go read our ridiculous reviews on iTunes and add one of your own...  next episode we will start reading all creative reviews.  #BringBackHarryMudd 

Jul 7, 2016

For the growing Geek Life Army!  I think I can honestly say it's doubled in size in the last couple of weeks.  Thanks to both of you.

Episode Two (It was 6 for us, but it's 2 for you.)

"The Worst Scotty" (It was called "Geekpourri Wannabe" originally; I called an audible.)

As we turned on the microphones to record, this one was supposed to be a "chatting it up" potpourri episode where Chuck and I riff on whatever current geek culture trends we liked.  What happened was, we had a bit too much fun with the celeb geek birthday bit.

We have a discussion on the crazy tragic passing of Star Trek's Anton Yelchin (Pavel Chekov from the ST:Kelvin timeline), and successfully answer the question "What will Star Trek do without Yelchin?  How can they make more Trek movies without this Chekov?"

Celebrity Geek Birthdays include: Chris Isaak, Aubrey Plaza, Nick Offerman, Chris O'Donnell, JJ Abrams, Mel Brooks, Steven Seagal, David Alan Greer, Pamela Anderson, Margot Robbie, Mike Tyson, Elon Musk, the good ol' USA, and more.  I told you we got carried away with that part.

Re: "Elon Musk". Google magically revealed to me the name Elon comes from the Bible and means oak. (I of course did not actually check the Bible.)  So "Oak Musk" is that guy's name!  I wonder what other first names work that well in the Musk fam?

Also in this episode:

**Thanks to our friend Pete's advice we vastly improved the sound quality, and now we're a real boy! (Did you know Pinnochio becoming a real boy is a Jesus Christ allegory? Look it up!) 

**I yell at Chuck for reading the red notes.  Damn him!! 

**And, for the first time, sound clips. Yay?

Enjoy our growing pains Geek Life Army!  DO IT!

Please tweet ideas and responses.  Rate and review on ITunes.  We look forward to reading listener tweets or reviews, suggestions, and criticisms.

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Coming next episode:  HeroMan and Punk Man


Jul 2, 2016

SPOILERS FOR DCU REBIRTH ISSUE #1.  This is one of our lost episodes.  (Eventually, I found it, so here you go.)  In this episode Chuck and Steve (that's us), we turn the pages of DC Universe "Rebirth" Issue #1.  We follow Kid Flash Wally West as he peeps on Batman in the Guano Cave.  What are you watching on those 9 screens, Bruce??  And then we follow Wally through his own "It's a Wonderful Life" story, just to see who really loved him, who he could reach out to, and who couldn't be bothered.  Pretty sure Captain Boomerang is a better buddy to Wally West than AquaMan.  We ask questions such as: how does Flash get his pizzas to deliver to kids he rescues?  Is Dr. Manhattan powerful enough to create a DC universe that lasts longer than the new 52?  Hey DC, any regrets naming Robin, Dick? And, WTF, does the DCU overuse the young ward boy sidekick storyline?  Flash/Kid Flash.  Blue Beetle/ew Blue Beetle, Batman/Robin, The Atom/random college kid named Ryan, Aquaman/Aqua Lad,  etc, etc.  Join us as we use sarcastic humor to explore the new DC diversity.  Tweet us your thoughts or any goofy crap:  #GeekLifeCrisis, @GeekLifeCrisis, @GeekLifeSteve, and @GeekLifeChuck.  Find us on Facebook.  Listener input will always be reviewed and discussed.  Join the #GLA  PEACE!