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Welcome to Geek Life Crisis. Who are Steve and Chuck? We have time-traveled to present-day fro the 20th Century (via aging) and now do a comedy podcast. We reminisce about college days while commenting on current geek culture. You'll visit for the geek info, and then we'll yell at you to get off our VR lawns. We are Gen X... in a Millennial World. (Sung to the tune of Madonna's "Material World".)
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Sep 28, 2017

Episode 33 - "RIP Martin Landau"

We celebrate celebrity birthdays with quizzes!  Woody Harrelson, Kate Beckinsale, and Kevin Spacey.  

We talk about other podcasts: The Everything Podcast, The Podcouple, Large Marge Sent Us, Greatest Gen, and more!

Ummmm... I'm in a rush to get to my day job.  What to write, what to write?   I probably talked about Space 1999 too much, but it's a fave of mine.

You may notice this episode was recorded in July.  Other projects jumped ahead of this one, apologies to Martin Landau.

Oh, my girlfriend, Celeste, appears briefly in this episode!  (NAKED!)

Thanks to Ashley for the outro!

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Sep 21, 2017

Episode 32 - "Another Shot of Yeager"

Alternate Title: "Biff Yeager thanks The Greatest Gen!"

Alternate Title: "Ducking Jisms"

Alternate Title: "Mr. Softee For Life!"

Alternate Title: "Dorkazord Truth"

How often do you see a podcast dedicate an entire podcast to another podcast?  That's what we've done.  The reason?  Star Trek fans are a close-knit bunch, and when connected by dick-and-fart jokes there's nothing we won't do to show our appreciation.  There's been, drawings, memes, cosplay, drinking games, karaoke, pins, ten forward hangs, and t-shirts, but 'round these parts... we make podcasts.

"The Greatest Generation", a podcast hosted by Adam Pranica and Benjamin Harrison, is the best thing to happen to Star Trek since Data hooked up with Tasha Yar.  Their podcast has equal parts analysis and sarcasm.  If you grew up loving Star Trek and being a little bit embarrassed to admit it, their podcast is easy to find.  And their community of fans are easy to join.

And they are wrapping up their hilarious reviews of the "The Next Generation".  At this point only a handful of episodes left.  And then we travel with them through the space butthole to Deep Space Nine. 

I don't need to sell "Greatest Gen" too much here, they are doing fine on their own.  Millions of downloads and dozens of drunk Shimodas can't be wrong.  

This episode is not just about the Greatest Gen, it's about their amazing community of fans, which Chuck and I are proud to be part of.  On our podcast (this episode right here in your hands) the "Friends of Desoto" get to say their thanks to Ben & Adam for making ST:TNG something to laugh about again - amongst peers... in social groups! Out in the sunshine, with a saurian brandy in hand!

This episode spotlights the superfans of Greatest Gen, Chuck and I are mostly there to roll tape, and shut out the lights.

Oh yeah, and there's a quiz about The Greatest Gen.  We like quizzes.

Thank you to Mr. Biff Yeager for working with us again!  Biff is great actor with a diverse and respectable resume.  He was recently in Preacher's first season, and is also a beloved character on "Gilmore Girls"!  Check out his IMDB. The role we love him for is Lt. Commander Argyle during the first season of ST:TNG, and this is his second time on our podcast.  He talks more about Argyle here.  He is "the natural" Yeager we all are looking for.  A great guy with a great story (told in our episode: "Interview With Biff Yeager").

The "Friends of Desoto" (Greatest Gen superfans): in this episode: Bill Tilley, Raz & Plaveem, Austin Harper, Dave Ko from Koch Comics, Ludmila J, Sam Tregar, Ellie Rice, Brittany Brown, and of course Biff.  Here is there contact info as I have collected so far (please follow them and tell them you heard them on our show):

1. Brittany Brown: (our Data cosplayer) @hylianviolinist on all major social media platforms.  Even patreon.  

2. Ellie Rice - (our troi cosplayer) @reptrillian

3. Sam Tregar (started the #razcals - find him in the Greatest Gen FB group)

4. Ludmilla J. - (the woman with the bat'leth earrings) @luuuuda on Instagram.

5. Dave Ko - @KochComics on Twitter

6. Austin Harper - the admin of "The Greatest Generation" FB group.  You'll have to get passed him to join!  I'm not telling the secret password.

7. Raz and Plaveem - You'll here them paying the big bucks to insult each other on "The Greatest Generation" podcast, or you might bump into them at "Dangerous Curves" (strip joint).

8. Bill Tilley - not just a superfan, a necessary cog in the machine.  Bill creates faux TNG trading cards using the humor of Ben and Adam.  And he cranks them out fast.  He's found his niche, and every card is appreciated by the community.

I couldn't have done this episode without every person above.  Thank you Ben and Adam, and thank you to the everybody in the Greatest Gen Community.   See you next year at Greatest Gen Kahn 2017.

- Your buddy,  


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Sep 6, 2017

Episode 31 - Interview with comic book writer Matthew D. Smith

"Amazing Age" - Three teenagers spend their days creating comics until one day, the stories come to life! Stuck ina world of super-powered heroes and villains, they'll have to figure out how to save the day AND get back home in one piece!

This episode of Geek Life Crisis is inspiration for anyone who grew up with a love of comic books and a dream to create them. Matthew was a great guest and we loved hearing about his 5-issue limited series "Amazing Age".  He also created and wrote the popular "Bee Sting" graphic novel, which he later produced into a feature film, with a sequel. (Available on Amazon.)

While Matthew sold us on Amazing Age I tried to sell him on the 3-issue limited comic book series I made when I was 10, called "Galactic Defenders" - starring Thunder Thrower, a godlike hero with a hammer. (Can't believe it's 2017 and I'm typing about Thunder Thrower.) This was the part of the interview when Matthew mentioned the new villains he should trademark, "Cease and Desist".

Amazing Age 3rd issue is coming out September 13, 2017.  It's not too late to ask your comic shop person to back-order the past two issues. With artist Jeremy Massie doing the art, and Christine Brunson on colors, this comic strikes a nostalgic chord with older comic fans, and... is great entry level stuff for kids perusing shelves for comprehensive (and affordable) titles. 

We hope Matthew has great success and comes back on our show.  We also hope he convinces Jeremy to draw HeroMan and Punk Man into their next endeavor.  

You can find Matthew on all the popular social media at:

mdscomics (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Find Bee Sting on Amazon too.

Find "Amazing Age" - on twitter and Facebook.  I'm sure you can find Jeremy and Christine Brunson as well, what am I your google? slave?  Go look them up!

Find Alterna Comics on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: @alternacomics

Thank you Peter Simeti, founder and publisher at Alterna.  Follow his wisdom on Instagram: @petersimetiart ; and on twitter: @petersimeti.  (He was born on new comic book day.)

Also follow Chuck and I: @geeklifechuck, @geeklifesteve, @geeklifecrisis.



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Sep 1, 2017

Episode 30:

Graphic Novel Writer Wes Locher Talks "Unit 44" - Wes Locher's newly released sci-fi/comedy graphic novel is packed with laughs, with great visuals from illustrator Eduardo Jimenez.

UNIT 44 - This sci-fi/comedy romp tells the story of inept Area 51 employees who forget to pay the rent on the facility's off-site storage unit, leaving the secret contents to be sold at public auction. When an alien invasion threatens Earth, it's up to agents Hatch and Gibson to recover an item from the locker if they hope to stop the extraterrestrial threat.

Alterna Comic's newest graphic novel is hilarious; laughs on every page, if not every panel (awesome sight gags from Ed Jimenez).  We highly recommend it. Writer and Unit 44 creator Wes Locher was a great guy to interview. He tells us how he got involved writing comic books and writing video games. He's got other projects in the works that sound awesome as well. He survived the eclipse, and if you did also, you should buy his graphic novel.  You can get it on Amazon, Target, and if you go to your local comic store, your buddy behind the counter can still order it to get it into your hands.  After you listen to this interview, you should probably just go to your comic shop.  Oh, first give us a good review on iTunes (Apple Podcasts).  Every 5-star review helps our show get noticed by more potential listeners.  HELP US HELP YOU! 

Follow Wes Locher on twitter: @weslocher

Follow illustrator, Eduardo Jimenez on twitter: @edjimenezart

Follow Alterna Comics on twitter: @alternacomics

In this episode you will also get MissGeek89's review of "Unit 44"!  Go find MissGeek89 on Instagram!  She's got a great IG account.

Our "outro" announcer Ashe976 is on Instagram as well, and you'll hear her at the end of this episode.

Thanks Wes for coming on our show!  Chuck and I truly are working to improve upon the "Skype standard", so next time we talk I won't sound like a cylon.  Ha!

One more thing!  There's a promo in the middle of our episode for another podcast we love "Hey Down In Front".  Give them a listen, subscribe, rate, review, rinse, repeat.

Your buddy,







Thank you friends, prisoners, Hatch, Gibson, and Alterna!